Date: TBC

Venue: TBC

Places: 4 people

Prerequisites: Over 14 (parental permission & beach presence required for under 18s), confident swimmer, confident wet exit, understands concept of edgeing, able to low brace & stern rudder. Whitewater experience useful but not essential!

Kit required: boat, paddle, deck, helmet, personal buoyancy, suitable footwear, thermal protection, food & drink

An introduction to kayak surfing for those who have mastered the basics of paddling. Be prepared to spend time swimming! We will be looking at etiquette, safety, kit, paddling out & taking off.

Surfing and kayaking are assumed risk sports. By entering the surf zone you are accepting a risk of possible injury! Although we can reduce the risks we face by using a suitable venue and equipment we can not eliminate all risk in such a dynamic natural environment. By agreeing to participate in this activity you are accepting this element of risk. Under 18s need to be accompanied by a responsible adult who has agreed to their participation in the face of this risk.

Dates TBC please fill in the form below to express your interest:

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