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Black Rock Surf Kayak Competition 2014 Video

British Surf Kayak Championships 2012 video

Some footage from the British Championships in 2012 – pretty sure the 2nd wave is me.

Black Rock Surf Kayak Competition April 2014

A loooong trip down to Widemouth Bay for the annual Black Rock Surf Kayak Festival this weekend. On Saturday it was the handicap event with 43 competitors signed up. 4 or 5 people per heat, 5 minutes to paddle out, 13 minutes to score, your top 2 waves count, and then everyone gets reshuffled for the next round. The difficult conditions on the day meant that there were only 2 rounds instead of the usual 3. After 2 rounds your heat positions get added to your handicap score to determine your place in the handicap event (lower scores being better). Separate and parallel to the handicap event is the short boat event, so the top 8 short boats then went into semi-final and final to determine the English ranking positions.

The Sunday events were all the separate categories for long boats, masters, juniors, ladies and waveski, with 15 minute heats. I finished 3rd in the Waveski category.

Black Rock Bude Surf Festival, Shoreline, Saturday 26th April 2014

Short Boat – Open
1 Chris Hobson
2 Aidan Brackenbury
3 Jack Horwell
4 James Hawker
5= Glyn Brackenbury
5= Ed Long
7= Philip Watson
7= Tim Thomas
9= Tom Iggledon
9= Jim Winter
11 Marc Holland
12= Austen Davies
12= Paul Bramble
12= Marc Woolward
12= Dave Merrifield
12= Ewen Arkison
12= Paul Fordham
12= Quinton Truscott
19= Matt Long
19= Glen Scott
19= Eugene Christophers
22= Darren Freestone
22= Andy Wildman
22= Jack Davies
22= Robert Maddock
22= Rachel Wall
22= Gareth Spendiff
22= Tom Thornton
22= Torran James
30= Andrew Hawker
30= Neil Ewins
30= Rich Berry
30= Richard Whittaker
30= Emma Fishleigh
35= Pete Blenkinsop
35= Chris Skardon
35= John Woods
35= Dylan Petherick
35= Andy Bailey
40= Jack Williams
40= Joel Coniston

Handicap results
1 Jim Winter
2 Paul Fordham
3 Darren Freestone
4 Torran James

1 Tom Thornton
2 Adrian Thorn
3 Richard Whittaker
4 Torran James
5 Mark Trise

Long Boat – Open
1st – Chris Hobson
2nd – Robert Maddock
3rd – Philip Watson
4th – Aidan Brackenbury
5th – Tim Thomas
6th – Ed Long
7= Darren Freestone
7= Paul Bramble
7= Glyn Brackenbury
10 Jack Davies

Short Boat – Masters (40+)
1st – Simon Hammond
2nd – Marc Woolward
3rd – Gary Adcock
4th – Rich Berry
5th – Neil Ewins

Short Boat – Junior
1st – Torran James
2nd – Jack Williams
3rd – Jack Davies

Long Boat – Masters
1st – Gary Adcock
2nd – Darren Freestone

Short Boat – Women
1st – Emma Fishleigh
2nd – Rachel Wall

Long Boat – Women
1st – Emma Fishleigh
2nd – Rachel Wall

Rest is Best Surf Kayak & Waveski Competition, 2014

A trip down to South Wales at the weekend for the first “Rest is Best” kayaksurf competition. The Saturday was a handicap event following the same format as the Black Rock competition, with 23 competitors signed up. High tide at Rest Bay meant the start was postponed until there was some sand available to launch boats from. A few brave souls did head out for a free surf , resulting in one broken (brand new!) boat and a few broken fins! Once the event got underway everyone surfed 2 heats before the surf dropped off. Sunday was relocated to Coney Beach for the semi finals, finals and the separate categories.

November 13: Devon, River Running & Surfing

A trip down to South Devon at the weekend. Paddled the Dart Loop and Upper Dart at scrape levels (0.44) and would love to try the upper with a few more inches of water in next time. I cracked my first boat on the Loop back in 2003! Then down to the South coast for some surprisingly warm surf!

Waveski & Kayak Surfing

Waveski and kayak surfing so far in 2013, Yorkshire and Cornwall….

Scarborough Surf Kayak Coaching

I have run a couple of surf kayak coaching sessions over the last month, focusing on the fundamentals of core stability, power transfer and edge. Get in touch if you want to develop your surf skills.

Cornish Surf Kayaking March 2013

A good couple of days down in Bude, Moderate Water Surf Kayak training with Shoreline.

British Surf Kayak Championships 2012

After wanting to go for the last couple of years I finally managed to get to the British Open. Onshore conditions meant the competition site was changed from Freshwater West to Manorbier, with accommodation and evening festivities at Shrinkle Haven YHA, so only 700 miles round trip! Footage is from the afternoon of day 1, ladies and long boats – too much hail to get any useful footage on day 2! Congratulations to Team Wales for putting on a great event. The 2013 event is taking place in Ireland.

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Men’s Short boat
British Open Champion 2012 –
1= Corin King
2= Chris Hobson
3= Philip Watson
4= James Hawker
5= Pete Blenkinsop
5= Adam Harvey
7= Marc Woolward
7= Chris Harvey
9= Glen Scott
9= Keiran Mc Dyre
9= Paul Robertson
9= Tim Thomas
13= Tom Iggledon
13= Derek Brown
15= Matt Long
15= Ashley Hunter
15= Glyn Brackenbury
18= James Mc Dyre
18= Marc Holland
18= Paul Bramble
21= Richard Whittaker
21= Ed Long
21= Dan Green
21= James Roberts
25= Jack Horwell
25= Dylan Petherick
25= David Merrifield
28= Chris Watson
28= Sam Davenport

Men’s Long boat
British Open Champion 2012 –
1= James Hawker
2= Corrin King
3= Glyn Brackenbury
4= Philip Watson
5= Chris Hobson
5= Tim Thomas
7= Christopher Olivier
8= Pete Blenkinsop
9= Matt Long
10= Derek Brown
11= William Johnson
12= Ed Long
12= David Merrifield
14= Ashley Hunter

Masters’ Short boat
British Open Champion 2012 –
1= Marc Woolward
2= Andrew Mc Cullough
3= Del Elesmore
4= James O Donnell
5= Darcey Muncer
5= Stuart Mc Glinchey
7= Dennis Mc Dyre
7= Andy Bailey

Masters’ Long boat
British Open Champion 2012 –
1= James O’Donnell
2= Andrew Mc Cullough
3= Del Elesmere
4= Stuart Mc Glinchey
5= Christopher Olliver
6= Darcey Muncer

Women’s Short boat
British Open Champion 2012 –
1= Tamsin Green
2= Emma Fishleigh
3= Rachel Wall
4= Kimberley Valance

Women’s Long boat
British Open Champion 2012 –
1= Tamsin Green
2= Chris Elesmere
3= Emma Fishleigh
4= Kimberley Valance

Junior Short boat
British Open Champion 2012 –
1= Jack Barker
2= Jake King
3= Aidan Brackenbury
4= Andy Mc Clelland
5= Glen Scott
6= James Gossan
7= Connor O Donnell
8= Thomas Evans
9= Jake Vautier

Junior Long boat
British Open Champion 2012 –
1= Jack Barker
2= Aidan Brackenbury
3= Jake King
4= James Gossan
5= Andy Mc Clelland
6= William Johnson
7= Jake Vautier

Surf Kayak Yorkshire 2012

An end of season  clip I have done for the Yorkshire region AGM later in the month. Filmed at Scarborough throughout 2012.