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White Water Rafting @ Lee Valley White Water Centre

November 13: Devon, River Running & Surfing

A trip down to South Devon at the weekend. Paddled the Dart Loop and Upper Dart at scrape levels (0.44) and would love to try the upper with a few more inches of water in next time. I cracked my first boat on the Loop back in 2003! Then down to the South coast for some surprisingly warm surf!

Rafting October 2013

I have been guiding on the Olympic course at Lee Valley WWC this season, I ought to really get some more photos sorted out!

The topmost play wave on the Olympic course

The topmost play wave on the Olympic course


A bit of video from April 2013:


Nene White Water Centre

The Nene White Water Course was the first pumped artificial course in the UK and currently uses a combination of rapid blocs and fibreglass bollards to create the features along the 300m course. It is the most “skate park” looking UK course, with sloped and moulded concrete in places rather than the more usual “angular” concrete work. It is very shallow! There are three pumps, each running at around 1 cumec. The water comes from the river but needs to be pumped back up to the top pool. Normal course operation is on 2 pumps, but it is possible to hire the course and pay for all 3 pumps to run. Casual paddling is available on Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings. Saturdays and Sundays see the course in use for rafting and tubing, with rescue training through the week.

Cardiff International White Water Centre

A few shots of the empty CIWW course, showing the moveable obstacle system. Cardiff uses both rapid blocs and omniflots.

Spindryft 2012 clips reel

Canoeing, Coasteering, White Water Rafting, Kayaking (sea, whitewater, surf), Waveskiing, Adventure Swimming….2012 was pretty good!

York Canoe Club – Aberglaslyn Gorge Dec 12

River Ure

The Ure was my first white water river trip, and I have run the section from Mickley to Sleningford countless times. For some reason I have never previously got in higher up to run Hack Falls – after an epic walk in I am not sure I would make the effort again! Here is my first ever run down the Hack Falls Rapid in an open boat at low level.

White Water Rafting @ The Tryweryn

A great couple of days raft guide training down at the Tryweryn, re-learning the lines as it has been a while since I was last there!

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York Canoe Club – Upper Tees Feb 2012