I started paddling with Scouts, and coming from the Yorkshire coast I love kayaksurfing and have surfed the North, South, East and West coasts of the UK mainland. In 2014 I started competing in Waveski events and finished the season ranked in the England / Britain top 3! I have kayaked & open boated in England, Scotland and Wales, and sea kayaked in England and the West coast of Scotland, including a solo passage of the worlds third largest whirlpool – the Corryvrecken. I have rafted commercially on 3 of the 4 artificial courses in England (up to G4), the Dee in Wales, Otra in Norway and the Isel in Austria, as well as training trips in Scotland, Wales, Nepal, Germany and the Zambezi.

Since 2005 I have worked in the outdoor industry as a multi activity / kayak / white water tubing / watersports instructor, powerboat helm, white water raft guide, safety kayaker, water rescue technician and beach lifeguard. In 2020 I spent my summer rafting in Austria and am particularly interested in rafting or sea kayak guiding work for the summer and winter 2021 seasons and beyond.


Here is my current NGB qualifications list:


  • BSc (Hons) Degree in Physiology
  • Full UK drivers licence
  • D1 (minibus) licence
  • CRB (Enhanced Disclosure)
  • Personal Licence for sale of Alcohol


  • BCU Level 3 Kayak Coach
  • BCU UKCC Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Paddlesport
  • BCU UKCC Moderate Water Endorsement Training (Surf Kayak & Sea Kayak)
  • BCU UKCC 4* Kayak Leader (White Water, Sea & Surf Kayak)
  • British Canoeing Personal Performance Awards Provider: Whitewater, Canoe and Touring Awards


  • BCU Level 3 Canoe Coach
  • BCU 5* Canoe Leader Training
  • BCU 4* Canoe Leader
  • BCU Bellboat Helm
  • BCU 4* Solo Canoe

White Water Rafting:

  • BCU Level 2 Raft Guide (Level 3 Trained)
  • SRA Raft Guide 3
  • IRF RG4

Rescue & Safety:

  • Rescue 3 Whitewater Rescue Technician Pro
  • BCU White Water Safety & Rescue
  • British Canoeing Foundation Safety & Rescue Provider


  • RYA Powerboat Instructor
  • RYA Intermediate Powerboat Certificate
  • RYA Level 2 Powerboat Certificate
  • RYA Safety Boat Certificate
  • STCW95 Personal Survival Techniques
  • GMDSS Short Range Certificate


  • BCU Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning


  • RYA Start Windsurfing


  • MLTE Single Pitch Award Training


  • BRAWA Coasteering Guide Training

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