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LVWWC 2015

Coming to the end of the 2015 rafting season, looking forwards to the new course layout next year.

Boom 2015:

The Hole Truth 2015:

Jaws 2015:

White Water Rafting @ Lee Valley White Water Centre

I Wanna Be A Rescue Ranger

LVWWC rafting, 2nd March 2014.

Downtown & Jaws:

The Truth, The Hole Truth & Nothing But The Truth:

And a brief guest appearance from Raft 13 above Boom! (16:06) and Boom2o (17:40):

Rafting October 2013

I have been guiding on the Olympic course at Lee Valley WWC this season, I ought to really get some more photos sorted out!

The topmost play wave on the Olympic course

The topmost play wave on the Olympic course


A bit of video from April 2013:


Lee Valley White Water Centre

Wow, they have a lot of rapid blocs at Lee Valley!