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Bempton Sea Kayaking March 2014

Gopro Highlights 2013

End of year video (watch in HD if you can):

Seal Kayaking

The kayak was originally created as a hunting platform, allowing the hunter to get close to prey animals such as seals……

Spindryft 2012 clips reel

Canoeing, Coasteering, White Water Rafting, Kayaking (sea, whitewater, surf), Waveskiing, Adventure Swimming….2012 was pretty good!

Caves 24 11 12

The Landings

Finally got round to paddling North Landing to South Landing and return. Today seemed a good day to go for it with little swell and light SE wind to help on the way back. I was very surprised to do the first leg in exactly an hour, as I had worked it out at around 7.5km – although I was going into the wind I did have a bit of tide helping me. On the return the following wind did help – up until my skeg failed, just before getting back to the lighthouse. After beaching to take a look I just left it up for the last part of the trip. Together with a lot more cave exploration this accounts for the extra 20 minutes taken on the return leg.

Tides @ Bridlington – LW 07:39 1.9m, HW 13:54 5.1m, LW 20:04 2.2m.

10mph SE wind, 1 ft swell.

  • North slipway – 13:13       Lighthouse bay after 20 min
  • South Slipway – 14:13      Coffee & Biscuits
  • South Slipway – 14:30     Cave exploration
  • North Slipway – 15:50
  • Tea & Shower 17:00

A cave within a cave.

Fog Paddling Oct 12

Sea Fret

A great introduction to sea paddling and a moody atmospheric day at the Head.



Flamborough: Sea Kayaking & Coasteering