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Black Rock Surf Kayak Competition 2014 Video

British Surf Kayak Championships 2012 video

Some footage from the British Championships in 2012 – pretty sure the 2nd wave is me.

Gopro Highlights 2013

End of year video (watch in HD if you can):

November 13: Devon, River Running & Surfing

A trip down to South Devon at the weekend. Paddled the Dart Loop and Upper Dart at scrape levels (0.44) and would love to try the upper with a few more inches of water in next time. I cracked my first boat on the Loop back in 2003! Then down to the South coast for some surprisingly warm surf!

Rafting October 2013

I have been guiding on the Olympic course at Lee Valley WWC this season, I ought to really get some more photos sorted out!

The topmost play wave on the Olympic course

The topmost play wave on the Olympic course


A bit of video from April 2013:


Seal Kayaking

The kayak was originally created as a hunting platform, allowing the hunter to get close to prey animals such as seals……

Scarborough Surf Kayak Coaching

I have run a couple of surf kayak coaching sessions over the last month, focusing on the fundamentals of core stability, power transfer and edge. Get in touch if you want to develop your surf skills.

Waveski – The last wave of the day

The last wave of a nice little waveski session.

Waveski Turns Analysis

Scarborough South bay in small (2 foot-ish) summer surf. Some self coaching via video, looking at what I am actually doing going into turns and cutbacks.