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Bempton Sea Kayaking March 2014

Caves 24 11 12

The Landings

Finally got round to paddling North Landing to South Landing and return. Today seemed a good day to go for it with little swell and light SE wind to help on the way back. I was very surprised to do the first leg in exactly an hour, as I had worked it out at around 7.5km – although I was going into the wind I did have a bit of tide helping me. On the return the following wind did help – up until my skeg failed, just before getting back to the lighthouse. After beaching to take a look I just left it up for the last part of the trip. Together with a lot more cave exploration this accounts for the extra 20 minutes taken on the return leg.

Tides @ Bridlington – LW 07:39 1.9m, HW 13:54 5.1m, LW 20:04 2.2m.

10mph SE wind, 1 ft swell.

  • North slipway – 13:13       Lighthouse bay after 20 min
  • South Slipway – 14:13      Coffee & Biscuits
  • South Slipway – 14:30     Cave exploration
  • North Slipway – 15:50
  • Tea & Shower 17:00

A cave within a cave.

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