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Goat Mania

Yesterday I had my first proper waveski session. After being outbid on 2nd hand ebay skis for over a year I finally picked one up last month, and so far had only had a quick go on it at the Scarborough competition. In small (2ft) sunny surf at Seaburn I had plenty of time to get to grips with moving onto a ski from surfkayak.

The first 20 – 30 minutes were extremely hard work! I was spending so much time and effort trying to stay upright that any kind of directional control was lost and making it out of the whitewater was not happening. Unfortunately during this stage I did take a nose impact – good job its a pre-loved ski!

Breakthrough 1: Quad strap not lap strap. I decided to try a quad strap setup rather than just the lap belt. What a difference! The change was almost instant, being much more kayak like, more responsive and allowing me to use much more leg control and reflexes I had already built up. Straight away I was able to start taking on green waves. Now the problem was getting both feet in the straps whilst paddling for a wave at the same time….

Breakthrough 2: don`t bother with the foot straps! Just getting my feet in the footwells was enough to supply foot pressure and was way faster than getting caught up on the straps. I was now able to ride properly – climbing, dropping, turning and railing.

Breakthrough 3: barefoot! The problem with quickly getting my feet in the straps was obviously boot related, even after I had opened the straps right out. Once I ditched the 7mm boots it was much easier to get my feet in place quickly and gave noticeably better control. Really pleased with the first session and hoping to spend much more time on the ski this summer!

Scarborough Surf Competition Feb 2012

Competition Report Scarborough HP Kayak

The newly formed Scarborough Surf Club held their first surf event in Scarborough North Bay on Sunday 26th Feb,with competition categories for longboard, shortboard and high performance kayak.

There was a great deal of excitement amongst the kayakers gathered early in the morning for the first kayaksurf competition in the North East since 2009. For some it was their first ever competition, for others it was the first event of the 2012 competition season. For everyone it was a chance to meet other surfers, exchange tips and drool over the latest boats, with demo boats available from both Mega Surf Kayaks and Nomad Surf Kayaks. Amongst all the talk of fin systems and layups there was little doubt who was destined for the final – with three world champions in the heats the battle was on to make it into the final with them!

The final was exceptionally tight with all four competitors very evenly matched. Although Chris Hobson claimed the highest individual wave score, consistent surfing throughout the heat enabled honorary local Adam Harvey to just clinch the final, before having to sprint back ashore for his longboard to also claim 2nd place in the longboard final!

Congratulations go to Dave Hanson who made it through to the semis in his first competition, commiserations to Warren Pentelow and Richard Whittaker for falling foul of the yellow bib curse!

1st Adam Harvey

2nd Chris Hobson

3rd Tamsin Green

4th Glyn Brackenbury

Thanks to all the event sponsors and supporters:

Monster Energy Drinks, Mellow Marley, Blue Crush Bar, Centurion Martial Arts, Harbourside House Surf Lodge, Vibe Surf, Secret Spot, Billabong, Nomad Surf Kayaks, Mega Surf Kayaks, Surf Kayak Skills,,

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