Waveski repair project

So it seems I really don’t get on with lap belts on a ski! I feel quite unstable wearing only a lap belt and as I roll back on the deck the skis reaction is to nosedive – not so good at a shallow South Bay. The nose damage pictured is the result of a forwards loop into sand on a very lightweight (ie breakable) ski. The ski had had nose damage previously which was reopened and extended, and a crease introduced around the footwells.

After a week of drip drying and sitting in front of a dehumidifier the ski was ready for repair. Razor blades and sandpaper prepped the damaged areas which were filled with Phix Doctor Dura Rez. Setting time was variable, with some areas needing a good hour to go off (cloudy) and other areas applied in bright constant sunshine delivering the promised 3 minutes setting time. This resin made the board water tight again, but I decided I was going to reinforce both nose and footwells, and decided on carbon-kevlar.

Carbon-kevlar tape was applied to the nose crack using Phix Doctor Soy Epoxy. Unfortunately just after applying it it became quite cloudy, needing a good 2 hrs and a car drive across town to find stronger sun to finally get it to set! I waited for another day before applying the deck reinforcing strip. So ready to get back in the water as soon as there is any swell, but I will be swapping my quad strap setup across from my other ski first!


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